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Winter Concert


On the 14th of January 2017 the winter concert „Le Stagioni di Regina Musica“ will take place in the reformed church of Wallisellen. The string quintet of two violins, a viola and two cellos will present the compositions of Franz Schubert. Get there and be captivated by the sounds of winter.

–> Einladung Winterkonzert
–> Die Künstlerinnen und Künstler

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Investment fraud on Radio Lora

On October 27th the attorney Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo is going to talk about Investment fraud at about 10.10 on Radio Lora.

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Romance Scam on Radio Lora

On October 2nd the attorney Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo talked about romance scam on Radio Lora.
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One Truth

One Truth

One Truth is a group of extraordinary artists. Since 1998 the group, who’s native of Zurich, pursues the swiss street art scene, having in the meanwhile become an integral part of the graffiti culture in Switzerland. They unleash their creativity on canvas, lorries, cars, inner spaces, live paintings and much more.

Attorney Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo’s glad to have one of the group’s paintings in her office. The dynamic and colorful painting is named «Funk ist the Truth» (cm 150×50, Spray, Acryl on Canvas, Pase, One Truth Bros 2015) gives a note of happiness to her working place.


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ETC Informa

The Attorney Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo is pleased to announce that she is responsible of the legal column of ETC Informa online & paper, a website with information from Ticino, readable even in print.


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